Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles

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Tohoku Rakuten Yakyudan

Starting in 2007, we designed the rebranding and season passes of the baseball team Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. With this renewal, we aimed to create something that the most passionate fans would be proud to own. We designed not only the season passes themselves, but proposed delivering the passes in special boxes, elevating the experience of receiving the tickets for the next 7 years.

Planning: Shinji Yoshikawa, Tomoki Negishi, Taro Watanabe
Creative Direction: Shinji Yoshikawa
Art Direction: Ryo Ueda
Design: Manami Inoue, Naohiro Iwamoto, Hitomi Kawabata, Daisuke Tsukano, Yuji Terada, Kazuki Murata
Printing Direction: Atsuhiro Kondo [Morita], Kazuhito Chujo

Sapporo ADC 2011 Packaging Category Prize Nomination / Season Ticket Packaging
Sapporo ADC 2013 Packaging Category Prize Nomination / Season Ticket Packaging
Sapporo ADC 2014 Packaging Category Selection / Season Ticket Packaging

Featured in:
Design Data File GR08(2008)
MdN Designers File 2008(2008)
Tough-Style Graphics(2008)
MdN Designers File 2009(2009)
Sensory Design(2010)
I Love Din(2011)
MdN Designers File 2012(2012)
Brain No.621(2012)
MdN Designers File 2013(2013)
Design Note No. 52 “100 Up & Coming Graphic Designers”(2013)
MdN Designers File 2014(2014)
Innovative Local Designers Profiles(2017)
Commercial Photo Feb.2018(2018)

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