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Working with the concept of a hotel that travels, THE KNOT HOTEL is located in various parts of Japan including Shinjuku, Yokohama, and Hiroshima.

Each hotel is deeply committed to its interior decor, its amenities, and the food it serves, and presents its own distinctive features, which are rooted in the land.With a gallery annex, THE KNOT SAPPORO seeks to be a spot that gives birth to art and culture. It publishes a tabloid-type free paper that talks about the charms of Hokkaido by delving into the lives of its people.

The theme of the free paper is "MOUTAIN IS."The paper features Shigeaki Adachi and Takeshi Jinnouchi from outwoods, who work as lumberjacks in Hokkaido, with interviews that look at their work and their outlook on life from different perspectives. With a focus also on confectionery makers related to the hotel and convenience stores loved by the locals, THE KNOT SAPPORO has created a paper that is a good read.

THE KNOT SAPPORO also manages the hotel's official social media accounts, spreading the word about the appeal of Hokkaido from the perspective of art and culture

Producer: Miyuki Bourcier
Chief Editor: Michiko Kurushima
Art Direction: Ryo Ueda
Design: Yuji Yanou, Anna Petek, Noemi Kawakita, Ryo Ueda, ect.
Intern: Mathilde Hansen
Editer: Hiroe Morihiro
Translators: Susie Krieble, Ari Murata, Kana Koike
Photographer: Ikuya Sasaki, Tsubasa Fujikura
Year: 2020
Client: Ichigo Inc.

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