The Body Ride


The Body Ride

With the guiding concept being an enjoyable "sustainable workout" that you can do to improve your body instead of becoming dependent on excessive and extreme dietary restrictions, we introduce you to THE BODY RIDE, a private personal training gym complete with the latest equipment such as VR and core training machines.

We designed two logos based on the two concepts of "The blueprint for your ideal body" and "Riding your body." We adapted them for signs, the website, uniforms, business cards, etc. We incorporated a sense of "enjoyment" into personal training, which is usually associated with a stoic image.

Art Direction: Ryo Ueda
Design: Ryo Ueda, Yusuke Akai, Daisuke Suzuki

Sapporo ADC 2016, Logo & Typography Category, Prize Nomination / Logo

Featured in:
MdN Designers File 2019 [ MdN Corporation ]
Logo Designs that Communicate Trust & Honesty [ PIE BOOKS ]

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