We are a creative collective based in Sapporo, and for one month a year, Stockholm. Guided by the belief that design is the key to everything, we center our activities around branding and production aimed at bringing out the identity of various enterprises, shops, and eateries. We carry out creative work in all fields related to design, including packaging as well as designing websites and interior spaces. Our creative salon “MEET.” boasts a theme of “meeting and learing,” which coupled with our office established in Sapporo, enables us to organize various projects including events and exhibitions. To top it all off, we continue to actively pursue independent projects such as the operation of the Off-Grid Cafe “PHYSICAL,” where people can meet, study, and create together with like-minded peers. In 2014, we organized a book-exchange event “BLIND BOOK MARKET” at the Sapporo International Art Festival ― an example of how we work to expand our range of activities.