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Baku Maeda
2010 ー 2013

Ribbonesia is the art project of the artist and illustrator BAKU Maeda. As an artist, BAKU has been using brush and pen as an extension of his hands and imagination. In the last couple of years, he has become interested in three dimensional and sculputral expression using ribbon and fabric. Having always been obsessed with the diversity in animals, their habits, and expression, they are a major motif in his daily creation.  

BAKU has been working with many colors of ribbon and creating various arrangements of animals. This simple repetition of twisting and bending produce such rich expression of animals and often captures the essence of life. Each animal is delicately made by hand and colors are carefully chosen so that not one animal is the same as another. Far from the intedend use of ribbon, 'BAKU' made his own world, the World of Ribbonesia, full of life and joy.

Creative Direction: Toru Yoshikawa
Art Direction: Ryo Ueda
Artwork: Baku Maeda
Design: Ryo Ueda, Naohiro Iwamoto, Kazuki Murata, Yuji Terada, Manami Inoue
Web Development: Fumiaki Hamagami [Imaginary Stroke]
Photography: Kei Furuse [GAZE fotographica], Mari Harada
Hair & Makeup [Book]: Maya Kudo
Model [Book]: Like, Miyako Yamada, Megumi Fujimoto
Printing Direction: Manami Sato, Atsuhiro Kondo [Morita]
Publishing [Book]: My Navi
Writing & Editing: Toru Yoshikawa
Year: 2010-2013
Client: Baku Maeda

Tokyo Graphic Passport 2010 Grand Prix
Sapporo ADC 2011 Grand Prix Packaging Category Gold Prize / Packaging, Promotion Kit, Shopper
Sapporo ADC 2011 General Graphics Category Prize Nomination / Name Card
Sapporo ADC 2011 General Graphics Category Selection / Design Manual 
Sapporo ADC 2011 Packaging Category Member’s Selection Prize / Promotion Kit
Sapporo ADC 2011 Packaging Category Prize Nomination
Sapporo ADC 2011 Web Interaction Category Prize Nomination / Website
Tokyo TDC 2011 Logo & Stationery Category Selection / Visual Identity
Tokyo TDC 2011 Small Size Graphics Category Prize Nomination / Packaging, Card, Shopper
Graphic Design in Japan 2011 General Graphics Category Selection / Promotion Tool
Sapporo ADC 2012 General Graphics Category Selection / Masking Tape
Sapporo ADC 2012 General Graphics Category Selection / Leaflet
Sapporo ADC 2012 Environment & Signage Category Prize Nomination / Exhibition
Sapporo ADC 2012 Book & Editorial Category Selection / Book
Tokyo TDC 2012 Signage, Display & Packaging Category TDC Prize Nomination / Packaging
Graphic Design in Japan 2011 General Graphics Category Selection / Accessory
One Show Design 2012 Silver Pencil
Sapporo ADC 2013 General Graphics Prize Nomination / Product
Sapporo ADC 2013 Interactive Web Bronze Prize / Website

Featured in:

Design Net Vol.159(2010)
The Art of Package(2010)
MdN Desingers File 2011(2011)
Asia-Pacific Design No.7(2011)
Brand! Vol.4(2011) 
Super IDENTITY(2011)
Branding First Vol.2(2011)
Not For Sale(2011)
Kawaii Kamimono Techo(2012)
Girly and Cute Graphics(2012)
MdN Designers File 2012(2012)
Brain No.621(2012)
Los Logos 6(2012)
Hot Local Designers Profiles(2013)
Logo Designs by Style(2013)
Design Note No.52 “100 Up & Coming Desingers”(2013)
MdN Desingers File 2013(2013)
MdN Desingers File 2014(2014)
Asia-Pacific Design No.10(2014)
Brand! Vol.6(2014)
Modern Heraldry(2014)
Excellent Branding Identity(2014)
MdN Desingers File 2015(2015)
Design Note No.64(2015)
Design Collection of Business Card, Envelope, Stationery(2015)
MdN Desingers File 2016(2016)
Logo Design With Examples(2018)
Design Note No.79(2018)

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