Rausu Kombu - Seasoning

Packaging, Print

Rausu Fisheries Cooperative Association

The branding of the kombu from Rausu, the most famous area for kombu production in Japan. We renewed the logo, improved the packaging, and created pamphlets for international use in order to spread the culture of kombu to the younger generation and abroad. Beyond Japan, Rausu Kombu is also promoted in Spain and Italy.

We drew inspiration from how kombu swaying in the sea looks like waves. We elevated the historical Japanese pattern of waves with the rich green of kombu to create a modern yet traditional image for this ancient Japanese ingredient.

Project: Rausukonbu
Creative Direction: Kazutada Nakazawa
Art Direction: Ryo Ueda
Design: Celia Leung, Ryo Ueda, Yuji Yanou, Anna Petek
Ray Rahardja
Production: Machi Seisakushitsu
Year: 2020
Client: Rausu Fisheries Cooperative Association

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