Moiwa no Ao


Ritaru Coffee

Nestled in Maruyama, a neighborhood adorned with cafes and independent shops, stands Ritaru Coffee. Ritaru Coffee roasts their beans in-house and hand-drips each coffee to order, setting them apart from the many cafes in Sapporo. 

Relaxing inside Ritaru Coffee, customers can enjoy their coffee and cake while enjoying the view of Mount Moiwa, the namesake mountain for this unique blend.

"Moiwa no Ao" means "the blue of Mount Moiwa" in Japanese, an expression of the color the mountain takes on as snow begins to blanket its sleeping forest.

Blue watercolor saturates white droplets, just as the winter skies paint the snow. The beads can be seen as snow falling towards earth, or even as interstellar bodies with lines representing interplanetary forces, both readings evoking gravity.

Ritaru Coffee wanted to use a blue different from their core navy blue to set apart this special edition coffee from the rest of their products. The light-hearted feeling of the design makes Moiwa no Ao more accessible to a broader audience, going beyond the cafe patrons of Maruyama.

Art Direction: Ryo Ueda
Design: Anna Petek, Ryo Ueda
Year: 2018
Client: Ritaru Coffee


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