Life Lab.

Branding & Identity, Packaging, Print, Environment

Tomioka Cleaning

Produced by Tomioka Cleaning, Life Lab. is a lifestyle shop centered around laundry products which are friendly to clothing, skin, and the environment.

By shopping at Life Lab., customers can bring Tomioka Cleaning's nearly 70 years of expertise into their daily lives. The ecological impact that laundry can have is often taken for granted, but Life Lab. aims to change this by making natural lifestyle goods and organic enzyme-based detergents accessible.

Employing a system of reusable packaging, the specialty detergent is sold by weight. The milk-can tin harks back to Tomioka Cleaning's beginnings in Hokkaido's countryside.

Branding: COMMUNE
Creative Direction: Ryo Ueda
Art Direction: Ryo Ueda
Design: Ryo Ueda, Moe Luick, Alessandro Riva
Interior Design: Mangekyo
Photography: Kei Furuse [GAZE fotographica]
Year: 2017
Client: Tomioka Cleaning

Featured in:
Made in Japan(2016)
Logo Design With Examples(2018)
Design Note No.79(2018) 
Commercial Photo 2018/2(2018)

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