Hituji Incubation Square


Hituji Incubation Square Inc.

The identity design of Hituji Incubation Square, a company that manages Hituji Real Estate.

The concept is "the shape of an idea." The shape of wool (sheep wool) that you draw by spinning your pen around in circles. It is the fluffy "shape of an idea" that appears when a person envisions or imagines something, as well as the symbolic marker of projects driven by new ideas that Hituji Incubation Square can be expected to bring forth going forward.

Project: Hituji Incubation Square Inc.
Art Direction: Ryo Ueda
Design: Ryo Ueda
Year: 2009
Client: Hituji Incubation Square Inc.

Sapporo ADC 2010, Logo & Typography Category, Selection Nomination 

Featured in:
Logo Designs by Style [PIE BOOKS / Japan] (2013)
Logo Design With Examples [PIE BOOKS / Japan] (2018)

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