Ezomatsu Craft

Branding & Identity, Product, Packaging, Website

2015 - 2019

We worked with Morita to produce ezomatsu craft, eco-friendly board paper celebrating Hokkaido's Nature. ⁠We designed the paper, identity, sample book and website.

The wood materials used in the board are provided by Kagaya Invention Timber.⁠

Project: Ezomatsu Craft
Planning: Atsuhiro Kondo [Morita]
Creative Direction: Ryo Ueda
Art Direction: Ryo Ueda
Design: Ryo Ueda, Daisuke Tsukano, Airi Takizawa
Copywriting: Kosuke Ikehata
Photography: Kei Furuse [GAZE fotographica]
Wood Materials: Kagaya Invention Timber
Paper Printing: Daiwa
Printing Direction: Atsuhiro Kondo [Morita]
Year: 2015 - 2019
Client: Morita

Sapporo ADC 2016 General Graphics Category Selection / Sample Book
Sapporo ADC 2016 Logo & Typography Category Prize Nomination / Logo
Graphic Design in Japan 2017 Visual Identity Category Selection / Visual Identity

Featured in:
MdN Designers File 2017 [MdN Corporation / Japan] (2017)
Commercial Photo 2018/2 [Genkosha / Japan] (2018)


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