Planning, Identity, Print, Signage

2018 -

Daphne was coveted by her childhood friend Leucippus and Apollo, the Greek deity who descended to Earth.Daphne persistently rejected their love for her, but when Leucippus was killed by the thunder dropped by Apollo, she fell into despair at the loss of Leucippus.Seeing her weighed down with grief, Apollo regrets his transgressions and turns Daphne into a laurel tree, which is associated with immortality.

The Greek mythology of "Daphne"—being overcome with grief—turning herself into a laurel tree, the symbol of immortality, gave rise to the world's oldest opera and is said to be the origins of the art of opera itself. As the original opera no longer exists, we only know it from the stories passed down through the ages. To represent the identity of "DAFNE" (a variant of Daphne in Italian, Spanish, and Dutch), the restaurant named after this legend, we designed 2 symbol marks that use the bay leaf (the leaf of the laurel tree) and the quarter rest musical note as motifs that represent the sound of music.

Project: DAFNE
Creative Direction: Ryo Ueda
Art Direction: Ryo Ueda
Design: Ryo Ueda, others
Year: 2018

Sapporo ADC 2019, Logo & Typography Category, Selection Nomination

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