Identity, Signage


City Boy is a casual French restaurant that was newly opened by Aki Nagao, a starred French restaurant representing Sapporo. CITYBOY EBETSU proposes a healthy lifestyle with "GOOD FOOD, GOOD HEALTH" as the theme. It has an original menu that focuses on "Khao Yum", a Thai rice salad made with homemade Hamburg steak and herbs. It practices local production for local consumption and also carries out initiatives to tackle food loss and environmental problems with the theme of creating a restaurant that is kind to the environment, such as purchasing vegetables that fail to meet the standards from farmers located near Sapporo. The motif of its identity is the "potato", which is also a specialty of Hokkaido. By combining "potato" which means country bumpkin with the naming of City Boy, it playfully expresses the cutting-edge lifestyle in Hokkaido. The design that is casual yet edgy as well as the bright neon yellow and urban and cool gray coloring were chosen with the intention of giving off the appealing impression of a French restaurant with a casual style that you can visit every day.

Art Direction: Ryo Ueda
Design: Mitsuki Sato, Yuji Yanou, Ryo Ueda
Interior Design: Mangekyo
Illustration: Satoshi Ogawa
Photography: Tsubasa Fujikura
Interior Photography: Kei Furuse [GAZE fotographica]
Year: 2020
Client: Aki Nagao


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