Identity, Signage

Aki Nagao


City Boy is a new causal French restaurant from the Sapporo-founded, Michelin-rated French restaurant, Aki Nagao. City Boy offers a healthy lifestyle around the theme of "GOOD FOOD, GOOD HEALTH."

We created an identity around a potato, one of Hokkaido’s local specialties. Taking inspiration from Hokkaido’s pioneering lifestyle, we took a light-hearted approach and employed some wordplay. We took the name “City Boy” and juxtaposed against a potato, or “imo,” a nickname for people from the countryside.

Easy going, while keeping an edge, the bright neon yellow and the cool urban grey colors were picked to make City Boy a casual French restaurant that you can visit every day.

Project: City Boy
Creative Direction: Ryo Ueda
Art Direction: Ryo Ueda
Design: Celia Leung, Anna Petek, Ryo Ueda, etc.
Interior Design: Mangekyo
Year: 2019
Client: Aki Nagao

Featured in:
Sapporo ADC 2019 Logo & Typography Category Selection / VI
Sapporo ADC 2019 General Graphics Category Selection / Promotion tool

MdN Designers File 2019 [MdNCorporation / Japan] (2019)
MdN Designers File 2021 [MdNCorporation / Japan] (2021)


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