Aki Nagao

Branding & Identity, Environment, Print, Website

Aki Nagao
2010 -

Akinagao is a French restaurant which opened in 2011 in Sapporo. Having trained in Tokyo and France, Chef Nagao dazzles customers with a number of dishes that respect the fundamentals of French cuisine yet are sprinkled with creative ideas, and can be enjoyed with an array of expertly-paired wines.

Chef Nagao's passion for cooking can be felt from the sheer size of the kitchen, which accounts for a third of the restaurant. With the aim of giving guests the kind of meal and outing they couldn't experience anywhere else, in addition to food, the restaurant also carves out a unique time and space for guests with its high-quality hospitality.

The restaurant's brand concept is inspired by DNA. Based on the idea that Chef Nagao's own personal background, experiences, and where he lives—all the bits of history and memories etched into his DNA—would also be reflected in his cooking, elements were taken from the initial letters of his name, "Aki Nagao," and repeated to create a double helix like that of DNA.

Further, the interior design and restaurant graphics create an atmosphere combining new and old by incorporating antique objects and materials for a classic French feel, while also adding twists of modernity with new typography and printing techniques.

Project: Aki Nagao
Creative Direction: Ryo Ueda
Art Direction: Ryo Ueda
Design: Manami Inoue, Naohiro Iwamoto, Kazuki Murata, Yuji Yanou, Ryo Ueda, ect.
Moe Luick
Interior Design: Mangekyo
Copywriting: Kosuke Ikehata 
Web Development: Fumiaki Hamagami [Imaginary Stroke] , Kohei Wajima
Photography: Kei Furuse [GAZE fotographica] 
Printing Direction: Manami Sato, Atsuhiro Kondo [Morita]
Year: 2010-
Client: Aki Nagao

Sapporo ADC 2010, Logo & Typography Category, Selection Nomination / Visual Identity
Sapporo ADC 2010, General Graphics Category, Prize Nomination / Open Tool
Sapporo ADC 2011, Interactive Web Category, Selection Nomination / Website
Sapporo ADC 2013, General Graphics Category, Selection Nomination / Flyers
Sapporo ADC 2015, General Graphics Category, Selection Nomination / DM, shopcard
Sapporo ADC 2017, General Graphics Category, Prize Nomination / DM, shopcard

Featured in:
DESIGN NET Vol.159 [DESIGN NET / Korea] (2010)
MdN Designers File 2011 [MdN Corporation / Japan] (2011)
Mini Graphic Ⅱ [Sandu / China] (2011)
Asia-Pacific Design No.7 [Sandu / China] (2011)
Brand! Vol.4 [ooogo / Hong Kong] (2011)
Super Identity [All Rights Reserved. / Hong Kong] (2011)
BRANDING FIRST vol.2 [Sendpoints / China] (2011)
Designlicious Bashaeer Graphic Books / Singapore] (2011)
Hotel & Restaurants [Artpower / China] (2012)
Visual Identity Hotel & Restaurant [Artpower / China] (2012)
Brand! Vol.5 [Sendpoints / China] (2012)
Asia-Pacific Design No.8 [Sandu / China] (2012)
Logo Design By Style [PIE BOOKS / Japan] (2013)
GRAPHIC DESIGN 2014 [Shoeisha / Japan] (2014)
Creative Business Cards [Sendpoints / China] (2014)
Sales Promotion Design for Shop [BNN / Japan] (2015)
Design Collection of Business Card, Envelope, Stationary [Graphicsha / Japan] (2015)
Design Note No.79 [Shinkosha, Seibundo / Japan] (2018)
Logo Design with Examples [PIE BOOKS / Japan] (2018)


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