Ac Jansson

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Andreas Jansson

Scandinavian product brand "AC JANSSON" has opened "AC JANSSON / TABLE" in Osaka with a vegetarian café that promotes a rich lifestyle.

Based in Nara, the couple consists of a furniture maker from Sweden who makes products based on the theme of nature, and an artist who was born in Japan and has been active in music in Europe for many years. The products they create are simple and delicate designs that fuse the natural materials and techniques of Scandinavia and Japan. The cafe attached to the store is a vegetarian cafe that promotes Stockholm's cutting-edge food culture of "eco-friendly and healthy first.

The concept of the brand, which values harmony with nature, is based on the idea that "to be sustainable is to be flexible," and a simple and solid identity was created using a mechanically strong honeycomb structure as the identity motif. It was developed into various items such as signs and menus.
Art Direction: Ryo Ueda
Design: Ryo Ueda, Celia Leung, Anna Petek, etc. 
Intern: Francesca Dell’Orto, Ray Rahardja
Year: 2019
Client: Andreas Jansson

Featured in:
MDN Designers File 2019 [MdN Corporation / Japan] (2019)

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